Web Font Shorts

A posting on reddit lead to a discussion on typefaces. In particular one poster asked about the kerning of a word. Surprisingly, the kerning was perfect for me. I decided to compare it across the browsers I have access to.

Here's the kerning in Firefox on Linux (Stock Ubuntu Gutsy):

Notice how the A and V overlap? That's correct kerning.

Here's how it looks in Firefox on OSX Tiger:

Aside from the overly aggressive anti-aliasing, see how the kerning is incorrect between the A and V. It looks the same in Safari 3.

Here it is again in Firefox on Vista:

Same kerning error. Looks the same in IE7.

So Linux gets it right, OSX and Windows get it wrong. We've come quite far.

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johngf said...

followed your link from codinghorror because I'm the one who drooled over Safari's font rendering.

To me the kerning error is almost imperceptible at that resolution and in that typeface. I prefer reading things in Safari on Windows due to the 'soft focus' aliasing, but I hate browsing with it compared to Opera. I won't excuse Apple for the error though. If you look for it it is there and does unbalance the AVEC towards the VEC.